JUNE 28 saw the formal opening of Guangzhou metro Line 2, bringing the city's network to 36·8 km serving 31 stations. Limited services had been introduced on the northern section of Line 2 between Sanyanli and Xiaogang on December 28, but these were suspended in May to allow final commissioning of the signalling and completion of the eastern section between Xiaogang and Pazhou.

The 18·3 km line is currently being operated with eight trainsets transferred from Line 1, pending the arrival of 26 Movia trainsets being built by Changchung Bombardier Railway Vehicles (RG 1.03 p37). One six-car set delivered from Germany is currently undergoing acceptance trials, and a second is expected in September. According to Guangzhou Metro Corp Deputy Director-General Wang Yongshen, the remaining Chinese-built units are scheduled to arrive at monthly intervals over the next two years.

A 1·9 km eastern extension from Pazhou to Pazhouta is expected to open in 2005, followed by the 5 km northern extension from Sanyuanli to Jiangxia via the airport. From 2008 GMC plans to split the route in half, with Jianxia - Xiaogang forming part of a new 22 km Line 2 from Jiahe in the north to Nanzhoukeyunzhan in the south. The eastern part will form the core of a 17·5 km Line 8 from Fenghuangxincun to Xinzhou.