MALAYSIA: Architectural design concepts for the stations on the Malaysian section of the future Kuala Lumpur – Singapore high speed line were unveiled at the MyStations - Transforming Malaysia event on October 17.

Project promoter MyHSR Corp said the designs were ‘inspired by the dynamism of culture, people and identity’ of the states along the route, with the seven stations being a ‘reflection of the uniqueness of each city’.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said substantial efforts had been put into each of the designs ‘to ensure a dynamic reflection of our country's rich heritage and cultural diversity’, while demonstrating commitment to ‘advanced, innovative and integrated’ transit-oriented development.

Bandar Malaysia: MyGateway

Inspired by the confluence of the Gombak and Klang rivers, the Kuala Lumpur terminus is intended as gateway to Malaysia, offering connections with urban transport, commuter rail and airport services.

Bangi-Putrajaya: MyPeople

The design is inspired by the architecture of mosques, and ‘envisions Malaysia's aspirations as a progressive nation, articulated by the pointed arches standing united’.

Seremban: MyVision

In a park in the Malaysian Vision Valley, the design combines green beauty, futuristic development and inspiration from the Sri Menanti Palace.

Melaka: MyHeritage

The design is based on sails, inspired by Melaka’s roots as a port and the Straits of Malacca.

Muar: MyFuture

The design is inspired by a rehal book rest used when reciting the Quran, symbolising academic and political leaders who have lived in the centre of education.

Batu Pahat: MyCulture

The station is inspired by the Kuda Kepang dance accompanied by traditional musical instruments, a regular fixture at celebrations in Johor.

Iskandar Puteri: MyEncounter

Inspired by a handshake, the last station before the border crossing signifies a meeting place between people and culture.