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    Comment: Realism amid the romance


    While the recent resurgence in sleeping car services in Europe has been rightly lauded, Managing Editor Nick Kingsley argues that policymakers must be realistic in accepting that overnight trains alone cannot deliver the modal shift to rail which will be necessary to meet climate goals.

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    Freight: 5L wagons lead the way to digital rail freight


    Having run a demonstrator train using innovative 5L wagons for the past two years, SBB Cargo is now pushing on with a programme of ‘5L Next’ initiatives to optimise wagon design and wrap its freight activity into a wider digital railway agenda. Reinhard Christeller reports.

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    Connecting up China’s Southern Powerhouse


    The construction of more inter-city railways and the development of regional interchange hubs is expected to boost connectivity in the Greater Bay Area of southern China. Andrew Benton investigates.

  • DB and SNCF high speed trains at Paris Est.
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    NGOs propose five policies for climate-friendly European rail renaissance


    A group of European climate NGOs has proposed five policies to encourage modal shift to rail in support of EU greenhouse gas reduction targets. Lena Donat, Policy Advisor Low-Carbon Mobility at development and environment organisation Germanwatch, explains what is needed

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    Freight: Unlocking access to Australia’s largest port


    Despite surging growth in in recent years, the port of Melbourne remains heavily reliant on road haulage, causing major impacts in the nearby city centre. So the state government and port operator are redoubling efforts to shift more freight to rail after a number of false starts. John Kirk reports.

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    Germany: Relaying DB’s oldest high speed lines


    After nearly 30 years of use, Germany’s first two high speed lines are being given a complete makeover with new track and replacement components for other hardware. Murray Hughes  reports on a programme valued at €825m.

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    Germany: Growth ambitions undeterred despite Covid-19


    With passenger traffic down by 44% and freight by 13% in the first half of the year, the coronavirus pandemic caused Deutsche Bahn’s profits to slump by almost €4bn, reports Timon Heinrici. Nevertheless, the government has committed huge sums to try and turn the state-owned railway group around.

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    Germany: Master Plan confirms state’s commitment to rail


    The German government has assigned rail a fundamental role in its climate change strategy, promising unprecedented levels of financial support for expansion and modernisation of the national network. Murray Hughes investigates.

  • gb Carmont derailment (Photo RAIB)
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    Comment: Beware of the weather


    ‘Disruption from extreme weather events seems to be increasing rapidly in many parts of the world’

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    Greece: Infrastructure investment back on the agenda


    After years of delays amid the country’s financial crisis, several major infrastructure projects are coming to fruition in Greece, while Chinese investment in the port of Piraeus could spur more investment in the near future. Toma Bačić reports.

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    France: Rethinking Technicentre training


    Staff at the TGV maintenance depot at Villeneuve St Georges near Paris have developed scale models as part of a programme to rethink how training is provided to new recruits.

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    Kenya: The lion stirs again


    With expansion of the Chinese-backed standard-gauge railway currently on hold, Kenya Railways Corp has turned its attention to revitalising key sections of its ageing metre-gauge network. Chris Jackson investigates.

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    Senegal: TER to transform the Dakar commute


    The first phase of an ambitious scheme to build an electrified suburban railway and airport rail link in Dakar is nearing completion. Murray Hughes reports.

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    Telemetry: Automated point heaters show IoT potential


    `The roll-out of automated point heaters in Switzerland offers a case study showing how industrial IoT technology can help rail operators improve efficiency and reduce costs even as traffic increases.

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    Africa: Dakar – Bamako trade artery awaits revival


    Rehabilitating the moribund railway linking Senegal with landlocked Mali is seen as a ‘vector of growth’ in plans to stimulate the economy of the two countries. Murray Hughes investigates.

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    Level Crossings: Getting the message across


    As part of a programme to improve level crossing safety using intelligent transport systems, SNCF has been investigating the influence of dashboard messages on driver behaviour.

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    Digital Stations: Managing an intelligent hub


    A suite of digital control and management tools intended to improve the operation of stations is proving particularly valuable in managing capacity during the coronavirus pandemic, while paving the way for further process automation.

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    Netherlands: Cultural change leads to optimal infrastructure use


    Over the past two decades, the Dutch network has seen strong growth in train frequency, punctuality and user satisfaction. While infrastructure enhancements have played a part, Jan Swier argues that the potential of the network has been unlocked by structural and cultural change in the rail sector.

  • Scherpenhuizen_Hans.150916.HR.242.503.Malmö.Snälltåget Malmö (09.20)- Stockholm
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    Comment: Rebalancing public and private


    Nick Kingsley , Managing Editor, Railway Gazette International ‘We believe that the travel market will look completely different after the pandemic’, predicted Snälltåget’s Head of Sales Marco Andersson, when he confirmed that the Transdev subsidiary was focusing on 2021, rather than trying to run its overnight ...

  • Leaving The Hill
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    Australia: The hard truth about interstate freight


    High levels of taxation and track access charges are making rail freight uncompetitive with other modes, even on long hauls where speed and volume should give rail a natural advantage.