SPAIN: The Ministry of Development has awarded a PPP contract worth €280·8m covering the supply and maintenance over 20 years of signalling and telecommunications equipment for the Alabacete - Alacant section of the high speed line between Madrid and Alacant.

The winning consortium is formed by Isolux Ingeniería (25%), EMTE (25%), Alstom Transporte (20%), Alstom Transport (20%) and CAF (10%). Systems to be supplied under the contract include CTC, GSM-R and infrastructure for public mobile telephone operators.

Separately, ADIF has awarded contracts worth a total of €310·6m for infrastructure maintenance on the conventional network over a period of 36 months, including track renewals, ballast tamping and level crossing work. Individual contract values range from €6·4m to €36·4m, and all but two of the 18 geographical lots have been awarded to joint ventures of contractors including Acciona, Comsa, FCC, Ferrovial Agromán and Vías y Construcciones.