Etihad Rail construction works (3)

UAE: Etihad Rail has awarded ENSCO Rail a contract to supply a ‘comprehensive’ track inspection vehicle and provide data analysis services for 15 years.

The vehicle is to be produced by French company Socofer and fitted with an array of measuring and inspection systems. This will include ENSCO’s ultrasonic system for detecting internal rail flaws and its Point Asset Inspection System for turnouts.

‘ENSCO’s engineers have pioneered the use of advanced inspection measurement technology, high-resolution imaging technologies, and automation software to provide Etihad Rail with cutting-edge tools to ensure track safety while increasing efficiency and productivity’, said ENSCO President Jeff Stevens on July 21.

’Through top-level track inspection technology, Etihad Rail will achieve operational efficiencies for freight traffic that will be reliable, sustainable, and predictable. Its passenger service will achieve ground transportation based on superior track maintenance and inspection tools with a constant focus on safety.’