USA: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority has taken delivery of a maintenance vehicle and a flat wagon with driving cab for use on the Norristown High Speed Line rapid transit route.

The Plasser American PMC50 vehicle is fitted with a National Crane 400B crane, a hydraulic tool power circuit and a stand-alone diesel generator set.

In addition to snow ploughs at both ends, the vehicle will use compressed air to clear snow from the third rail. A standalone air compressor supplies up to 2·8 m3/min to airline reels at both ends of the vehicle that can be used to clear turnouts of obstructions.

SEPTA says that the Norristown High Speed Line is especially susceptible to drifting snow owing to its third rail power supply and uncovered tracks which run along higher ground than most of the network.

The vehicle will also be used for moving maintenance materials, towing rolling stock, replacement and repair of track, and powering tools.