InnoTrans visitors will be able to inspect the nose of an ICx trainset.

VOITH: Lightweight components and faster maintenance turnaround times will be the focus of the Voith stand, where visitors will be able to inspect the nose of an ICx trainset as well as energy absorbers, drive components and a new SA3 coupler, while learning more about the company’s servicing concepts.

An automatic engine start-stop system is designed to be retrofitted to older vehicles, even those not fitted with electronic controls, enabling operators to reduce engine operating hours and thus maintenance costs, emissions and fuel consumption.

A GRP energy absorber is part of Voith’s Galea weight reduction concept, and comprises a fibre composite tube with an aluminium bearing and anti-climber plate offering a 60% weight reduction compared with steel absorbers. A carbon fibre-reinforced plastic adapter coupler developed by Voith is compact and weighs only 23 kg, enabling it to be carried and mounted by one person; visitors will be able to handle it for themselves.

Voith will also be presenting its own SA3 automatic coupler. Designed to be robust and easy to operate, it is offered with different types of draft gear and energy-absorption systems, with body variations for different regions and the ability to couple with vehicles equipped with drawhooks and side buffers.

Voith’s Service activities are growing beyond the supply of spare parts to include just-in-time overhauls within precisely defined timeslots, with exchange pools for transmissions and Scharfenberg couplers and the ability to swap bogies within a day.