INNOTRANS: Among the innovations on show at InnoTrans 2016, ZF will be presenting its Get2 drive unit, which the company says is the world's first multi-speed transmission for electric multiple units.

With rising electricity prices, energy efficiency is becoming ever more important. Unlike a conventional transmission, the Get2 gearbox has two gears and continuously moves the load point in such a way that the electric motor and converter always work in the optimum efficiency range. This can either save up to 5% of total energy consumption or increase available traction power for the same consumption. It offers benefits during acceleration, which makes the Get2 particularly suited for metro and suburban applications.

The Get2 also has a neutral position for use when coasting. This disconnects all unnecessary drives to minimise energy losses. When decelerating, the transmission selects the optimum point to maximise regeneration.

Intelligent control electronics automatically switch all drive units in a rapid sequence, avoiding any noticeable jolt when changing gear.