The Bauhaus inspired design developed by IFS is unique to Berlin.

GERMANY: On September 1 Bombardier Transportation announced it had signed the contract to supply Berlin transport operator BVG with 99 Flexity Berlin trams.

The order was placed within a framework agreement for up to 210 trams which was reached by Bombardier and BVG in 2006. Testing of four prototype vehicles began in 2008, and on July 29 this year the BVG board approved a €305·3m order for 99 trams, comprising 40 long and 24 short unidirectional cars and 35 short bidirectional vehicles. An order for a further 33 trams is anticipated for 2010.

‘The delivery of the vehicles will commence in May 2011 with the long vehicles intended for lines M4 and M8’, said BVG chairman Andreas Sturmowski. ‘All other new vehicles will predominantly be used on all tram lines and Line 50. A further anticipated 33 vehicles, whose structure type is still to be determined with the Land of Berlin, will ensure the complete replacement of the 237 Tatra vehicles still currently in use. This will result in lower operating costs and will further enhance the attractiveness of trams as a form of transportation for our passengers.’