București Imperio tram at factory (6)

ROMANIA: The first of 100 Imperio trams being built for the București network is nearing completion at the Astra Vagoane Călători factory in Arad, and is now expected to be delivered in early June.

București Imperio tram at factory (3)

București Imperio tram at factory (5)

The trams were ordered from a consortium of Astra Vagoane Călători and CRRC Qingdao Sifang in May 2021, with the €200m contract being partly funded by the EU. This envisaged an initial vehicle being delivered to the capital in August, with the remaining trams following at a rate of four per month.

They are due to be deployed on routes 1, 10, 21, 25, 32, 40, 41 and 55.

București Imperio tram at factory (1)

A delegation from Societatea de Transport București recently visited the Arad factory to inspect progress with the 100% low-floor vehicles, which are 36 m long with a capacity for 322 passengers including 56 seated.

They will be equipped with air-conditioning, CCTV, wi-fi and a passenger information system, and will have priority seats and areas for wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles.