it-Torino tram-Bacic

Photo: Toma Bačić

ITALY: Torino municipality has given the final go-ahead for tram Line 12, which will link Juventus’ Allianz football stadium in the northwest of the city with Corso Lepanto in the south.

The line will make use of a recently abandoned tunnel between Madonna di Campagna and Dora built for the 43 km Torino – Ceres suburban railway, which is in the process of being rerouted to serve the cross-city Passante rail corridor. From Emilia to Corso Lepanto, route 12 will share tracks through the city centre with the existing Line 4; the infrastructure on this section is to be renewed. Interchange will be provided with metro and main line rail services at Porta Nuova. Excluding shared sections, Line 12 will be 5·5 km long.

The city authorities had already submitted their application in January to the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport for a share of a dedicated urban transport fund set up in the 2019 national budget. This application covered the extension of light metro Line 1 and a second phase of the proposed Line 2, as well as tram extensions such as Line 12. Cost of the tram project is estimated at €221m, and once financing is in place, construction is expected to begin next year. 

Readers can find out more about urban rail investment in Italy overall, as well as in Torino specifically, in the Autumn 2021 issue of Metro Report International, available to subscribers in our digital archive.