GERMANY: Braunschweig city transport operator BSVG has put the first of seven Tramino II trams into regular service.


‘We are very happy that our fleet is now even more modern’, said Managing Director Jörg Reincke on May 6, noting that the fleet would be completely low-floor once all of the new trams had entered in service.

‘This is another milestone in our strategic project to make our tram system ready for the future’, added Mayor Ulrich Markurth.


BSVG ordered the Tramino II trams from a joint venture of Stadler Pankow and Solaris in June 2017. They have electical equipment supplied by Kiepe Elektric. Niedersachsen transport agency LNVG funded 50% of the €18·9m cost, while BSVG covered the remaining 50%.

The first vehicle was delivered in August 2019, but its entry into service was delayed by technical problems.

The 1 100 mm gauge Tramino II is 35·74 m long and 2 300 mm wide, with a capacity of 205 passengers including 80 seated. The trams are equipped with supercapacitors for energy storage.