Turku tram impression (Image City of Turku)

FINLAND: Turku city council has approved the further development of plans for a light rail line.

The proposal was approved by the city council on October 2 after two years of development and consultation.

The double-track-line would run 12 km from Satama in the west through the city centre to Varissuo in the east.

The cost of the infrastructure is put at €344m, with a 30% national government contribution envisaged. Rolling stock would add a further €42m.

Turku tramway impression (Image City of Turku)

The city’s tramway planning and implementation company Turun Raitiotie will now select the most appropriate project structure and prepare an urban development plan for the tramway corridor and its surroundings. The hope is that the tramway will pay for itself through economic growth and an increase in property values.

An implementation plan is to be submitted to the city council to enable an investment decision to be taken in late 2025, with a view to work starting in 2026 for opening in 2031.