ITALY: The first CT1 Agatha trainset produced by Titagarh Firema for the Catania metro entered revenue service on April 1.


Styled by Pininfarina, the two-car units have been branded Agatha, after the city’s locally-born patron saint who is invoked against eruptions of Mount Etna as well as fire and earthquakes.

The two-car set has can carry up to 420 passengers, including 64 seated; there are spaces for two wheelchairs and four bicycles. Features include LED lighting, CCTV and air-conditioning, and the two powered bogies per vehicle give a high rate of acceleration.


A framework agreement for up to 54 trainsets worth €216m was signed by operator Ferrovie Circumetnea and Titagarh Firema in April 2019, with an initial firm order for 10. The first was delivered to Catania on November 25 2021, and the remaining nine are expected to arrive by July.

The fleet is being enlarged to match the expansion of the metro. A northwestern extension from Nesima to Monte Po is under construction, and a further extension to Paternò is planned. At the southern end of the route, an extension to Fontanarossa Airport is also envisaged.