Catania metro train delivery

Photos: Mobilità Catania

ITALY: The first two-car metro trainset to be manufactured by Titagarh Firema for the Catania metro has been delivered to the Sicilian city, ready for the start of test running in the coming weeks.

A framework agreement between operator Ferrovie Circumetnea and Titagarh Firema, the Italian subsidiary of Titagarh Wagons, was signed in April 2019 and covers the supply of up to 54 trains at a cost of €216m, with an initial firm order for 10. The remaining nine are expected be delivered by July 2022.

The trains can carry 64 seated and 356 standing passengers; they also provide two spaces for disabled people and four for bicycles. They are equipped with LED lighting, CCTV and air conditioning. Pininfarina is responsible for the styling.

According to the manufacturer, the new trains are more eco-friendly, thanks to a mass reduction of 10% compared to those currently in operation on Catania’s single metro line. They are equipped with climate control systems and two powered bogies per car, giving a high rate of acceleration.

The fleet is being enlarged to match the expansion of the metro; a northwestern extension is under construction from Nesima to Monte Po, with a subsequent extension to reach Paternò, while at the line’s southern end, a route to Fontanarossa Airport is envisaged.