Milano Line 4 project

ITALY: The national government has allocated a total of €4·7bn from the 2022 national budget to fund metro construction in Milano, Napoli, Torino, Genova and Roma, and tram projects in Roma.

In Milano, €180m has been allocated for the western extension of metro Line 1 from Bisceglie to Baggio, in addition to the €398m previously committed. A further €420m is being provided for an eastern extension of Line 4 from Linate Airport to Segrate, and €122m for the expansion of Gallaratese depot on Line 1.

In Napoli, €795m has been allocated for the construction of the first two sections of metro Line 10 linking Piazza Cavour in the Centre with Napoli Afragola station on the Roma – Napoli high speed line.

Torino has been awarded €1bn towards the Novara – Politecnico section of metro Line 2, augmenting €828m previously allocated for the Novara – Rebaudengo section.

In Genova, €398m has been allocated to support the construction of a second automated metro line, linking Brignole to Molassana through the Bisagno Valley. Another €21m is being provided for the ongoing extension of the Brin – Canepari section of Line 1.

In Roma, €610m has been allocated for the completion of the Piazza Venezia station on metro Line C, and €990m for the extension of the route from Venezia to Piazzale Clodio. Another €173m will help fund the 7∙4 km cross-city tram Route 1, linking the main Termini station with Cornelia on metro Line A and Piazza Risorgimento near the Vatican with two branches.