New York subway station cleaning

USA: New York MTA aims to complete cosmetic upgrades and repairs at 50 Subway stations by the end of this year as part of its Station Re-NEW-vation programme.

The scope includes concrete repairs, tile replacement, water mitigation enhancements, grouting, repainting and deep cleaning.

So far work has been completed at 21 stations, and a further 13 have been added to the programme which is aligned with weekend line closures for other maintenance works.

‘Bundling station renovation work with our scheduled trackwork allows us to deliver the best of both worlds — the technical upgrades for better service and a refreshed station for the customer experience’, explained NYC Transit Senior Vice-President of Subways Demetrius Crichlow on March 29.

NYC Transit President Richard Davey said station cleanliness was ‘something our customers care about and one of the ways that we can improve the customer experience instantly with a fresh look and feel’.