São Paulo Line 6 metro train design (Image Alstom)

BRAZIL: Alstom and São Paulo Metro Line 6 (Orange) PPP construction and operating concessionaire Linha Universidade have unveiled the design for the 22 six-car trainsets to be supplied for the future 15·3 km route.

Production of the cars has begun at Alstom’s Taubaté site in São Paulo state. The design process made use of the supplier’s Lab 4·0 virtual reality laboratory, which enables detailed study of everything from the shape of the seats to the technical equipment.

The stainless steel bodied trainsets will have a design life of more than 40 years. They will be light in weight for energy efficiency, with a capacity of 2 044 passengers. The doors and the interior layout are designed to smooth passenger flows, with large windows to provide clear views. There will be dedicated spaces for people with reduced mobility.

The trains will be equipped for unattended automatic operation at up to 90 km/h.

Onboard technology will include a passenger counting system, dynamic maps, information screens, CCTV, and optical smoke detection with a fire extinguishing system.

The styling features orange highlights, matching the colour of the line.

‘This project, which is a milestone in urban mobility in Latin America both due to its size and innovative financing, is a testament to our ongoing commitment to the state of São Paulo and Brazil’, said Michel Boccaccio, President of Alstom in Brazil & General Director for Latin America, on June 26. ‘This project reaffirms our mission of promoting a reliable and sustainable transport system, contributing to improving the quality of life of São Paulo residents and, specifically, for students who will use the university line and will not buy a car, a global trend of youth.’