Karaj metro Line 2

IRAN: An initial 5·5 km section of the 27 km metro Line 2 currently under construction in Karaj opened for limited passenger services on February 27.

The second metro line in Karaj, 40 km west of Tehran, was opened by Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi. The initial section links Chehel-o-panj Metri Golshahr with Ayatallah Taleqani, with four intermediate stations yet to open. Services are only operating on Sundays and Tuesdays from 11.00 to 13.00, running every 30 min — more frequent services will be introduced over time.

Karaj m 2 3

Construction started in 2005 and so far 15 km of underground alignment has been excavated. Extensions are going on west of Chehel-o-panj Metri Golshahr to Kamalshahr on the Karaj – Qazvin motorway, and south from Ayatallah Taleqani to Mallard City. Interchange will be provided at Karaj main line station with Line 1; this interurban route runs into the capital, where it is designated as Tehran Line 5.

Karaj m 2

The line is operated by seven-car trainsets supplied by domestic manufacturer IRICO.

In the long term, the city is planning a six-line network totalling 126·5 km.