EUROPE: Level crossing accidents account for 2% of road deaths but a third of all rail fatalities, according to the organisers of the pan-European Level Crossing Awareness Day on June 25. At least 600 people fall victim of accidents at European level crossings every year, and according to UIC calculations 95% of these accidents are caused by road users.

To emphasise the need for a joint approach to safety, both rail and road organisations are backing events on June 25 which aim to make road users understand that accidents can be avoided if they obey traffic rules.

The day focuses on education and the promotion of safe behaviour, with the message 'Stop Accidents! Europe for Safer level Crossings!'

Persons killed in level crossing accidents in 2008

Hungary 118
Germany 52
Czech Republic 43
Romania 42
Poland 40
France 38
Latvia 27
Austria 25
Netherlands 18
Spain 17
Portugal 17
Slovakia 17
Great Britain 15
(source: Network Rail)