USA: The board of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has voted to approve a 10-year, $46m lease contract with Cubic Transportation Systems which will see the installation of 379 faregates at all Red and Purple line stations and selected light rail stops where it is architecturally feasible. MTA will own the faregates after 10 years.

The deal also includes $12m in amendments to an existing Cubic contract for system maintenance and $10m for station modifications.

According to MTA, the current barrier-free system loses an estimated $5·5m annually to fare evaders, equal to 5% of ridership.

'More people will pay the right fare with the gating', said MTA Chief Executive Officer Roger Snoble. The agency said the gates will reduce the need for fare inspectors, relieve police officers of fare checking responsibilities so they could focus on station security, provide better control of station entry and egress and offer opportunities for different fare policies.

  • CAPTION: North Hollywood station on the Red Line is equipped with TAP smart card readers which will be replaced by gates