MEXICO: The Secretariat of Transport & Communications has published the environmental impact statement for the proposed high speed line between Mexico City and Querétaro, which is expected to cost 40·8bn pesos to build.

Engineered for 300 km/h operation, the preferred route would run for 212·18 km from a refurbished Buenavista terminus in Mexico City via Huehuetoca and San Juan del Río.

A provisional terminus is planned in Querétaro to the east of Avenida Bernardo Quintana, to be replaced in the longer term with a more centrally-located facility in the Parque Alcanfores district.

With an end-to-end journey time of 1 h 2 min, initial traffic on the high speed line between Mexico City and Querétaro is forecast at 11 200 passengers/day in both directions, according to the environmental impact statement.