SLOVAKIA: Newly-appointed Slovak Minister of Transport, Construction & Regional Development Jan Pociatek (RG 5.12 p72) has announced three senior appointments. Stefan Hlinka (photo) returns as Director General of infrastructure manager ZSR, having previously held the post between 2006 and 2010. Vladimir Luptak, who was Hlinka’s successor at ZSR, moves on to replace Pavol Durinik as Chairman & Director General of freight carrier ZSSK Cargo, and Pavol Gabor takes over from Pavol Kravec as Chairman & Director General of passenger operator ZSSK.
Further appointments include Dusan Sefcik as ZSR’s Under-Secretary for Economic Affairs, Jan Juriga as Under-Secretary for Operations and Jozef Veselka as Under-Secretary for Development & Informatics. Petr Fejfar and Jaroslav Daniska have replaced Martin Stochmal and Jozef Virba on the ZSSK Cargo Management Board, while Lubomir Huska and Igor Krsko succeed Jaroslav Paulicky and Pavol Tarcala on the Management Board at ZSSK.