ITALY: Transport authority Brescia Mobilità and state railway FS Group submitted a PPP project finance proposal to Brescia municipality for a two-line tram network on October 31.

The total cost is estimated to be €400m, most of it from private sources. Brescia Municipality is expected to evaluate the proposal by the end of December so that it can be formally presented to the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transportation for a public contribution, which can be no more than 49%.

In March Brescia Mobilità and FS Group signed an agreement for construction of the two lines. One line would run from Pendolina in the northwest to the new Pala Eib sports centre in the southwest, mostly following the line of current bus route 2. The second route would connect Via Vallecamonica in the west and Viale Bornata in the east. Opening is expected in April 2027.

  • The European Commission is providing €67m towards the purchase of 10 trains for Napoli metro Line 1.