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    Worksite safety in spotlight after fatal collision


    TAIWAN: Investigations have started into the management of engineering work following a fatal collision on Taiwan Railway Administration’s East Coast line north of Hualien on the morning of April 2.

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    Japan addresses level crossing safety


    JAPAN: The Japan Transport Safety Board has published a series of recommendations to reduce the risk of level crossing accidents, with particular focus on the remaining crossings without barriers.

  • gb Carmont derailment (Photo RAIB)
    In depth

    Comment: Beware of the weather


    ‘Disruption from extreme weather events seems to be increasing rapidly in many parts of the world’

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    French regulators formalise co-operation ahead of market opening


    FRANCE: National transport regulator ART and rail safety authority EPSF have agreed to strengthen their co-operation in preparation for opening up of the domestic rail market to competition, the two organisations announced on July 7.