Lucchini RS Innovative low-floor wheelset solution equips Durmazlar Panorama vehicles

52 500 km per vehicle is the average mileage of the Durmazlar Panorama trams serviced in the Polish city of Olsztyn until February 2023. The first two vehicles built by the Turkish rail manufacturer Durmazlar and equipped with Limoset® entered service on June 2021 in the Olsztyn area. Twelve vehicles are currently operating in the urban areas managed by MPK Olszytn in the three lines that connect Olsztyn, Barczewo, Dywity, Gietrzwałd, Purda, Olsztynek and Stawiguda cities.

The Light Rail Vehicles with the particular low-floor design of the bogies, like Durmazlar Panorama tram, are adopted for tram operation to enhance passengers’ accessibility, thus representing the best choice, for instance, for users with reduced mobility.

The low-floor wheelset solution adopted for Olsztyn Durmazlar Panorama tram features the so-called “portal axle”, i.e., a non-rotating portal structure that serves as a rigid connection between the wheels and as housing for the mounting interfaces (with a special diagonal surface) of the primary suspensions system and special joints that allow the relative vertical movement between bogie and wheelset. The special wheelset design meets the customer’s requirements including the interface constraints to allow a relative axial rotation with respect to the bogie up to 10°.


Why Limoset®

  • Modularity: Limoset® modular design allows for flexibility and customization in various applications. It consists of two external elements, called shoulders, that are connected using a simple and easy-to-maintain locking system with two parallel connecting rods, ensuring rigidity. The wheels are mounted onto the shoulders through a bearing system, allowing for independent rotation, and the shoulders connect the wheelset to the bogie through suspensions.
  • Easy maintainability: in the case of corrective maintenance, only the component subject to the issue can be easily disassembled and replaced, avoiding the replacement of the complete wheelset.
  • Optimized dimensions: to ensure easy accessibility also to passengers with reduced mobility and multipurpose areas (for wheelchairs, storage luggage, etc.), the wheelsets must be equipped with a portal axle characterized by the lowest possible height above the rail level and the largest possible internal width between the shoulders, to accommodate for a carbody dimension as wide as possible. In addition, the design allows the possibility of using rotating bogies.
  • Reduction of the unsprung masses of the wheelset in a lightweight perspective, for energy consumption and application sustainability optimization.
  • Customizable: Limoset®  design can be modified to satisfy the customer’s requests. The connecting rod length can be changed according to the different gauge dimensions and the shoulder design can be adapted according to the specific design and interface constraints such as clearance requirements, suspensions layout and wheel dimensions. The casting process is used to produce the shoulders, so small design changes can be managed smoothly.



Big on Resilient, Light on Weight

Resilient wheels equip Durmazlar Panorama vehicles. Such special wheel design is mainly adopted for LRVs, featuring the presence of rubber elements positioned among the metal parts (tyre, wheel center and ring), which reduce service vibrations and optimize the acoustic behaviour, thus enhancing the passengers’ comfort and minimizing noise emissions in the metropolitan areas. Lucchini RS resilient wheel design, service proven on a worldwide range of LRV applications, grants safety, reliability and high maintainability.

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