us DART GoPass

USA: Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority has agreed to license Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s GoPass mobile app, which provides passengers with real-time travel information, mobile ticketing and on-demand services.

The GoPass app, back office and supporting application infrastructure was developed for DART by Unwire, and is currently used by DART, Denton County Transit Authority and Trinity Metro.

A review by KPMG confirmed it would be viable to offer it to other transport bodies through licensing agreements. DART envisages that this will help expand the features offered, generate revenue, provide more analytical insights and also expand DART impact and influence across the transport industry.

MTTA has agreed to fund the development of additional GoPass features including a website and point of sale changes worth up to $245 000.

The agreement between DART and MTTA runs for 48 months, and may be renewed for further one-year terms subject to approval of both partie