us New York Subway L Canarsie (1)

USA: New York MTA and Transit Wireless have provided the first mobile phone voice and data connectivity in one of the Subway’s under-river tunnels, with AT&T customers now able to stay connected in the East River bores between 1st Avenue and Bedford Avenue on the L/Canarsie line.

In order to minimise impact to passengers, the work was done concurrently with the post-Superstorm Sandy repairs and other enhancements undertaken through a partial blockade of the tunnel earlier this year.

‘We were able to piggyback on the work already being done in the tunnel for the L Project to provide this cellular connectivity to our customers without additional impacts on service’, said MTA Construction & Development President Janno Lieber on September 3. ‘This is a nice benefit for our customers and it’s the sort of work we will look to do at our other tunnel crossings.’