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SPAIN: As part of its Digital Stations investment programme, infrastructure manager ADIF launched trials of li-fi technology at Málaga María Zambrano station on January 12.

Light Fidelity, also known as Visual Light Communication, is a bi-directional, wireless communications system which transmits data using LEDs or infra-red light, rather than the radio frequencies used by wi-fi networks. Li-fi only requires a light equipped with a chip, and transmission is typically both fast and secure. The technology is seen as complementary to emerging 5G telecoms, where radio signal propagation can be hindered by walls and windows. Li-fi installations typically require fewer wiring runs than wi-fi networks.

ADIF has equipped the station’s main concourse with Li-fi to assess the technical and operational features of the technology. It is also seeking feedback from users to ensure that the access interface is user-friendly, and that the right level of connectivity can be guaranteed.