DRYER: A hand dryer which has been specifically designed for train toilets and meets the latest standards for electrical performance while reducing energy consumption has been developed by Sanitaryware Supplies Co’s bespoke design service, working with TBM Rail and Stream Hygiene.

According to SSC Managing Director Andy Dukelow, this is the first hand dryer to meet 2015 regulations for the electrical performance of on onboard equipment in the UK. It can handle the surges which occur with onboard power supplies, while its 550 W rating offers lower energy consumption than typical 1 100 W dryers, while performing equally well.

The first order covers units which are being installed on 18 vehicles from Network Rail’s engineering fleet as part of a refurbishment project being undertaken by TBM Rail.

'From the outset I knew this would be a challenging project but one that, if we got it right, would transform washrooms across the rail industry', said Dukelow. ‘I approached Stream Hygiene as I knew they were a flexible manufacturer willing to look at new options and markets'.

'Passengers can now get the same high efficiency and low environmental impact they have been demanding in the washroom elsewhere', said Stream Hygiene director Mark Lovelace.