Comtest Wireless NetProbe portable ETCS and GSM-R test equipment.

UK: Building on its experience supplying test equipment for the the Thameslink Programme, Comtest Wireless has announced that it is to extend its NetProbe range with portable unattended equipment for testing ETCS and GSM-R voice and data communications.

The battery-powered equipment is to be available as carry-on trolleys and backpacks for use on test or revenue trains, or securing at the lineside. This will provide 'the ability to test any type of cab radio or mobile device using carry-on equipment that is easy to set up to operate automatically', according to Carlo Ughetti of Comtest Wireless, and will integrated with NetAnalyser software to provide a 'rich and powerful data analytics experience'.

Siemens Mobile Communications Project Manger Neil Dayment said Comtest Wireless equipment has been used to validate GSM-R coverage design for the Thameslink Programme 'without disruption or the need to schedule specific test trains'.