GERMANY: Talgo has awarded EKE-Electronics a contract to supply its Trainnet train communication & management system for the ECx trainsets ordered by Deutsche Bahn.

The €550m DB order finalised in February 2019 covers the supply of 23 17-car loco-hauled ECx 230 km/h push-pull trainsets to enter service from December 2023, with options for up to 77 more.

EKE-Electronics will provide Talgo with 1 500 vehicle control units and remote IO modules for the base order, and up to 6 000 units in total.

These will provide several SIL-2 safety-critical functions, including component supervision and the detection of bogie and wheelset instability or brake failures.

The first TCMS components are due to be delivered this year, with development of the SIL-2 functionality continuing into 2021.