Organisation: Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai 
Location: UAE


In line with Dubai 2040 Urban Plan and the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Vision of being the world’s leader in seamless and sustainable mobility, the RTA announces its intention to start a project to add a new Metro line to expand its rail network to meet the rapid economic and urban growth in the Emirate of Dubai. This project facilitates mobility to Dubai’s main urban centers and fosters linkages between main hubs of economic and social activities.

The new line will provide a link between the existing Red and Green Metro lines with a total length of 30 km (15.5 km underground and 14.5 km above ground) with fourteen (14) stations (seven elevated including one iconic station, five underground including one interchange station, and two elevated transfer stations connected to the existing Centrepoint and Creek stations). This is in addition to the supply of 28 new driverless trains, construction of one new Depot to accommodate up to 60 trains, and building all associated roads, facilities and utility diversion works.

The scope of work for this design and build project is inclusive of the following:

  • Civil Works including detailed design and construction of architectural and structural components (Viaducts, Tunnels, Stations, etc.).
  • The design and execution of electromechanical works.
  • The design, procurement and delivery of operation and control systems for rail, stations, and facilities.
  • The design, manufacturing, and supply of Rolling Stock.

Companies seeking involvement in this project should express interest by downloading the form on the following link https://www.rta.ae/links/bids/Metro-new-Line.docfilling, signing and stamping the form and submitting it by email to (cpdepartment@rta.ae) no later than 2 PM on the 24 of November 2023.