INNOTRANS: Designed and produced by the Croatian industrial company Končar and the Croatian rail manufacturer TŽV Gredelj, the TMK 2200 low-floor tram is fully air-conditioned, and is equipped with a video-surveillance system. The traction package includes asynchronous motors, IGBT converters, and microprocessor controls, giving a maximum speed of 70 km/h. So far 140 five-section cars with a length of 32 m have been supplied for the City of Zagreb, along with two shorter three-section vehicles which are 21 m long.

Adjustable hydro-pneumatic primary and secondary suspensions make the vehicle suitable for any track configuration, ensuring a comfortable ride and preventing derailments. Practical experience has shown that this suspension ensures a good interface between car and infrastructure, reducing wear on both wheels and rails.

The low floor and wide entrances ensure rapid boarding and alighting, and also provide good accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility. The wide interior gangways and interior design give a spacious feel to the passenger saloon, whilst panoramic glazing helps to connect the passengers with the surrounding cityscape.

The cab has its own independent air-conditioning, ensuring a comfortable working environment for the driver.

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