CD ComfortJet train (Photo Toma Bacic)

CZECH REPUBLIC: National operator ČD has put its first set of ComfortJet inter-city coaches into revenue service.

An initial set began operating on the Praha – Bohumín route on June 12, with the Bohumín – Františkovy Lázně route to follow once three sets are ready for use.

In April 2021 ČD awarded a consortium of Siemens Mobility and Škoda Group a KC12·5bn contract to supply 20 nine-car sets of push-pull coaches. Siemens is producing the vehicles at its Wien site, except the driving trailers which are being produced in München, and Škoda is fitting them out in Ostrava.

They will initially run as seven-car rakes without the driving trailer and restaurant cars, because of authorisation delays.

The missing vehicles are expected to be added in 2025, with the driving cars enabling push-pull operation with Siemens Vectron electric locomotives which are on order.

The coaches are to be authorised for operation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Poland and Denmark.

  • Siemens Mobility announced the launch of hauled coach family branded Vectouro at a conference for locomotive and passenger vehicle customers held in Katowice on June 19.