Two EffiShunter 500 diesel-electric shunters were delivered to the Trinecké Železárny steelworks in 2015-16 (Photo: CZ Loko).

CZECH REPUBLIC: CZ Loko has launched the EffiShunter 600 four-axle shunting locomotive, which replaces the EffiShunter 500 and 700 designs in its portfolio.

The EffiShunter 600 is fitted with a 563 kW Caterpillar C18 engine, which replaces the 522 kW C18 and 709 kW C27 prime movers and meets the stricter IIIB emission standards; the previous types meeting the Stage IIIA standard will still be available for export customers in non-EU countries.

Other technical parameters of the 13·28 m long, 72 tonne centre cab locomotive design remain unchanged.