SMH Rail H10 locomotive for Tanzania Railways Corp.

TANZANIA: The first batch of H10 Series diesel locomotives developed by Malaysian company SMH Rail for the African freight market is now ready to be handed over to Tanzania Railways Corp, the company announced on November 1.

‘We are proud to handover the first batch of the H10 Series locomotives to our partner Tanzania Railways Corp and are confident that these locomotives will bring positive enhancements to the African rail cargo industry’, said Chairman & Managing Director PK Nara. ‘SMH Rail shares this achievement with everyone involved in this project especially our partners and local SMEs for their immense efforts towards the successful completion and delivery of these locomotives.

SMH Rail H10 Series locomotive for Tanzania

‘I believe as we move forward with concerted efforts, we will not only be able to boost Malaysian-African relations but further drive economic empowerment through export.’

The first H10 locomotive was unveiled in August. The dual-cab 1 000 mm gauge design complying with UIC standards is designed to provide high reliability and availability when hauling long-distance heavy freight trains in challenging terrain and weather. This is expected to enable African operators to increase capacity and lower their life-cycle costs. This would help them win traffic from the continent’s roads and assist in reducing road congestion.

The manufacturer estimates that the H10 is four times more fuel-efficient than road transport. ‘Railways can lower transport energy use, reduce carbon dioxide and local pollutant emissions’, Nara explained, adding that ‘innovation in engineering and technology will enable the railways to achieve safety milestones whilst maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced global economy to be amongst the most energy efficient modes of transport for freight and passengers.’