UK: With advice from consultancy Schoenemann Design, operator Greater Anglia has selected Italian company FISA's Lean seat design for used on its future Stadler trainsets, and has made adjustments to the shape of the base cushions, lumbar support and headrests.

The Bombardier Transportation Aventra EMUs ordered for Greater Anglia's commuter routes are to be fitted with seats supplied by German company Kiel, which will have an S-shaped back creating more leg room for the person sitting behind.

There will be seat-back tables with grooves to support portable devices, tablets and laptops, as well as a plug and USB charging point at every seat.

Greater Anglia’s choice of seats follows passenger and media criticism of the seats on EMUs which the Department for Transport specified and procured for use on Thameslink services.

‘We’re very aware of the problems that there have been in other parts of the country with seats on new trains and this is why we really listened to customers’ feedback and really wanted to avoid any mis-shaped seats or too hard a seat', said Jason Brandon, Brand Manager for Greater Anglia, on May 1.