JAPAN: Shizuoka Railway has taken delivery of the first of 12 Class 3000 electric multiple-units ordered from J-TREC at cost of ¥4bn. The 11 km local railway carries 11 million passengers/year between its 15 stations.

The new EMUs will replace the current fleet of 12 Tokyu Sharyo Class 1000 units which are becoming hard to maintain owing to a lack of spare parts.

The new two-car 600 V DC EMUs have a 29·5 tonne trailer car and a 34·3 tonne motor car equipped with four 120 kW AC traction motors and IGBT-VVVF controls. The cars have stainless steel bodyshells and fibre-reinforced plastic front ends, and are 18 m long and 1 015 mm high. At 2 742 mm wide they are narrower than most Japanese 1 067 m gauge rolling stock.

The Class 3000 EMUs are designed for a maximum speed of 90 km/h, acceleration of 0·7 m/s2, and braking of 1·0 m/s2, or 1·25 m/s2 in an emergency. They have LED lighting, and are expected to use 50% less electricity overall than the units they will replace.