Talgo hydrogen test train

SPAIN: Talgo has begun dynamic testing of a prototype hydrogen train at its Las Matas factory near Madrid.

In a second phase of the dynamic testing, Talgo and renewable hydrogen supplier Repsol will validate the technology on the main line rail network around Madrid and in Extremadura.

The TPH2 test train comprises the Travca L-9202 ‘Virgen del Buen Camino’ prototype multi-system and variable gauge locomotive which was built by Talgo in 2005 and has now been fitted with fuel cells and traction batteries, plus five coaches including a laboratory car.

This will support the development of the Vittal One demonstrator modular multiple-unit for short and medium-distance services, which is expected to begin trials in 2023.

The Vittal One will be able to use overhead electric or hydrogen power, with the batteries storing recovered braking energy to provide a power boost when starting.

It is being designed for a maximum speed of 220 km/h in electric mode and 160 km/h in hydrogen mode, with the fuel cell consuming 0·25 kg/km and giving a range of 800 km without electrification.

‘The Vittal One will facilitate emission-free mobility in the country, linking provinces, cities and towns, as part of Talgo’s commitment to helping operators decarbonise the railway network’, said Talgo President Carlos Palacio Oriol on May 31.