SLOVAKIA: ZOS Zvolen has rolled out a demonstrator two-car diesel multiple-unit produced by rebuilding a Class 810/010 two-axle railcar and trailer.

The latest update of the Class 810 family is derived from two Class 813/913 DMUs supplied to Czech operator GW Train Regio in late 2012.

The partly low-floor unit has new front ends and air-conditioning, and is powered by a 310 kW Tedom TD310 R6HTA26 engine with Voith DIWA 864.3E hydraulic transmission and Mirel 813 electronic control. The DMU’s maximum speed is 90 km/h, it weighs 42 tonnes and the overall length is 28·82 m.

It has 63 fixed and two tip-up seats, with space for 102 standees.