Bratislava Skoda tram

SLOVAKIA: Bratislava transport operator DPB has awarded Škoda Transportation two contracts to supply 30 single-ended and 10 double-ended trams for its metre gauge network.

The city already operates 30 bidirectional ForCity Smart Plus trams designated Type 30T supplied by Škoda in 2014-15 and 30 unidirectional variants of Type 29T which followed in 2015-16. The vehicles are 32·5 m long with a maximum body width of 2 480 mm. The double-ended cars can carry 52 seated and 152 standing passengers, while the single-ended versions have 69 seats and room for 138 standees.

The bids of €71·7m and €26·5m for the two contracts beat offers from Pesa and Stadler. The procurements are to be funded from DPB’s own resources, with additional contributions from the city government and the European Union.