INTERNATIONAL: RM Rail has won orders to supply Russia’s Gazprombank Leasing and VEB-Leasing and Kazakhstan’s largest cement manufacturer with a total of more than 1 000 Type 19-1217 cement hopper wagons by September 2019.

The wagon manufacturer said the Type 19-1217 has an ‘innovative’ teardrop shaped body giving a capacity of 73 tonnes and volume of 60 m3, taking into account the density of bulk cement. There are smooth inner walls to speed up unloading, and all hatches can be locked simultaneously and sealed with a single seal.

The wagons have an axleload of 23·5 tonnes and a design life of 26 years.

Deputy General Director for Sales Alexander Kulikov said there is currently a shortage of cement wagons following the widespread withdrawal of older vehicles. Customers are therefore looking for a manufacturer ‘who is not only able to offer a successful design but can also fulfil the order very quickly’.