Book review

by V A Profillidis

'IN SCIENCE nothing is permanent and everything is evolving rapidly', says Professor Profillidis in the preface to this third edition of his book, which brings together a wide array of knowledge from the scientific study of railways.

A transport consultant and Associate Professor at Democritus Thrace University, Profillidis provides managers, economists, engineers and consultants, as well as students, with an understanding of all fields of running a modern railway.

The 500 pages give a detailed overview of the economic, legal, managerial technological, societal and environmental aspects of the industry and its equipment, divided into three fields. The fi rst six chapters deal with the management of railways, the next 11 chapters look at the track, and chapters 18-22 consider rolling stock and environmental topics. Each section contains theoretical and where necessary mathematical analysis of the phenomena studied, with recommended applications. There is information on the design of specific components of a complete railway system, ranging from track circuits to pricing models.

ISBN 0 7546 4854 0

£75 from Ashgate Publishing, Gower House, Croft Road, Aldershot, GU11 3HR, UK