LOW BOGIE: SCT Europe has supplied wagon manufacturer WH Davis with its Barber Low Ride 14.25 bogie for use on 57 tonne gross laden weight Super Low 45 container wagons.

The 577 mm diameter wheels give the wagons a low deck height of 720 mm above the rail. This will allow 45 ft x 9 ft 6 in containers to be transported within the UK's W8 loading gauge, opening up more than 8 000 km of the British network to high cube boxes. The containers are positioned over the bogies, allowing an extra four boxes per train to be transported within the permitted train length, equivalent to a 14% increase in capacity.

SCT Europe also offers the Barber Low Ride 15.5 bogie for 62 tonne GLW wagons but with a higher deck height.

Barber Ride bogies are designed to be 'track-friendly' (RG 11.03 p731). High-strength cast steel gives a high fatigue strength, and a long, low-maintenance life.

CT Europe Barber Ride bogies

Model GLW tonnes Application
Barber Low Ride 14.25 57 720 mm deck intermodal
Barber Low Ride 15.5 62 746 mm deck intermodal
Barber Easy Ride 25.4 101·6 coal, aggregates and steel
Barber Easy Ride 22.5 90, 100