SCANDINAVIA: Swedish infrastructure authority Banverket and its Norwegian counterpart Jernbaneverket have awarded Bombardier an eight-year framework contract to supply onboard equipment as part of their ERTMS roll-out programme.

Announcing the deal on April 2, Bombardier said the contract is expected to be worth €30m in the first year, covering the fitting of EBI Cab 2000 onboard equipment to up to 220 vehicles, and the delivery of ERTMS products and services for all new and retrofitted vehicles in the two countries. The agreement is expected to be worth €20 0m over eight years, and also includes an option for an eight-year extension.

Banverket and Jernbaneverket will pay for country and vehicle adaptations and safety approvals for up to eight vehicle types.

  • On April 23 the European Commission adopted an amendment to the ETCS specifications, which it says is intended to 'fine tune the specifications in order to move from local to global compati­bility' and 'eliminate the risk of any ambiguity that might have resulted in incompatible projects'. A recommendation on updating Annex A of the Control Command & Signalling TSI was submitted to the Commission by the European Rail Agency on January 14.