TÜV Süd has acquired SNC-Lavalin’s IWT4 instrumented wheelset technology business.

EUROPE: TÜV Süd announced the acquisition of SNC-Lavalin’s IWT4 instrumented wheelset technology business on February 27, saying this would strengthen its position as a one-stop-shop for the independent assessment, testing and approval of rolling stock.

The IWT4 instrumentation is applied to the wheelset without any structural modification, ensuring structural integrity is preserved. It was introduced in 2006, and is now used in the USA, China, Norway, Finland, India, Sweden and ‘many countries’ in central Europe.

‘IWT4 draws on over 50 years’ experience of producing instrumented wheelsets here in Sweden’, said Greg Riggall, General Manager of TÜV Süd’s rail business in Sweden. ‘After personally managing the development and commercialisation of the technology, I am thrilled that technology will continue to live on here in Stockholm under the TÜV Süd flag’.