SPAIN: Barcelona metro operator TMB has selected Alstom for a contract to supply 42 five-car trainsets. Signing of the €268·1m contract is expected in late September. CRRC Qingdao Sifang and CAF also bid.

Alstom is to supply 24 trains for Line 1 and 18 for Line 3. The 1 672 mm gauge trains for Line 1 would replace the 24 Series 4000 sets in operation on that line, which date from 1987-90. The 1 435 mm gauge trains destined for Line 3 are to replace 18 Series 3000 trainsets dating from 1986-88.

One prototype of each type is to be delivered within 48 weeks of contract signing. All Line 3 trains are to be delivered within two years of contract signing, and all Line 1 trains within 2½ years.

Last year TMB selected Alstom to supply two Series 9000 trains for Line 4 at a cost of €17m. At the same time, CAF was selected to supply four Series 6000 trains for Line 1, two Series 5000 trains for Line 3 and four Series 5000 trains for Line 5, worth a total of €75m.