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EUROPE: Mack-Brooks Exhibitions has announced a two-day programme of virtual seminars focused on the British, Italian and French rail markets. EuroRail Hub will be held on March 24-25, bringing together exhibitors from its Railtex, Infrarail, SIFER and EXPO Ferroviaria trade shows.

The online event is intended to set the tone for the three live exhibitions which are scheduled to take place in the second half of 2021; the UK Railtex and Infrarail shows which normally take place in alternate years had already been combined.

Mack-Brooks said it was aiming to support the recovery of the European rail market by providing opportunities for companies to develop international partnerships and enter new national markets.

‘We want to make a valuable contribution through our networks, to support and encourage co-operation and business’, explained Olaf Freier, Director of the company’s Transport Portfolio. ‘The umbrella brand, EuroRail Hub, unites the three physical shows with a digital offering. Embedded within the different marketing strategies, we will also deliver business and leads to all participating companies, especially during these challenging times, with travel and contact restrictions.’