Duisburg (Photo: DB).

INTERNATIONAL: Freight shipment visibility specialists Everysens and Shippeo have partnered to provide their customers with improved end-to-end information on multimodal deliveries by rail, sea and road.

Rail specialist Everysens will provide Shippeo with reliable and real-time data from train operators and satellite tracking, while gaining access to Shippeo’s road and ocean carrier data.

‘As shippers face more and more supply chain challenges around the world as a result of disruptive global events, they want to know when their shipments will reach their final destination’, said Shippeo co-founder and COO Lucien Besse. ‘With sustainability playing an increasingly important role in transportation management, rail is becoming a popular means of intermodal transport. However, visibility over rail shipments has not been easy for shippers to achieve. The partnership between Shippeo and Everysens increases shippers’ trust in rail and multimodal deliveries, providing them with critical monitoring milestones, as well as the ability to measure and improve their processes.’

Everysens founder and CEO Dr Youness Lemrabet said meeting EU environmental targets for rail to have 30% modal share by 2030 would require new rail customers, ‘for whom intermodal is the primary entry point’. Partnering with Shippeo means ‘we can connect the dots between rail and first and last-mile transport modes to make modal shift truly happen’.